Time again

Time to talk,
Time to listen,
Time to live,
Time to die.
What is Time and how do we perceive it? At what point did we realise that Time was important? Or not.
Time is limited - We all get the same amount, or not?
Time is scarce and the lack of it may be used as blame when something has gone wrong.
Free Time - why not create your own?


nadine said...

And really, does it matter what time it is when you don't like your watch any more ? When you want a new watch?
or does that just make it time to go shopping ?

Lota said...

Hi! My name's Carlota, and I've just been looking through some profiles of people who liked graphology too, and landed here.

This is a pretty nice poem. I like to write too.

Nice to meet you!

See you around. :)