Robots Conduct Surgery

Survive, survive, survive, died. Only time will tell?


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From the series 'Robots Conduct Surgery' Survive, survive, survive, died.

Simply Salt

Creative Surfaces

Simply Salt

‘Simply Salt’ is the first in a series of ‘Creative Surfaces’ workshops from Fibre in-Form allowing you to pick and choose which techniques you would like to explore and take further.
We all know how life can sometimes get in the way of our creative endeavours so these workshops have been designed to enable you to start and finish them at your leisure.
‘Simply Salt’ will take you through the process of creating an amazing surface on a background of Lutradur using gesso, ink, silk paints and salt.
This surface can then be embellished further using machine or hand stitch, beading or other embellishments but is equally decorative enough to use on its own to create vessels, book covers, bags etc.
The workshop includes five chapters with 77 colour illustrations.

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Agents of Change Ghostvillage trailer

Just a taster and cannot wait for the film to come out

Time to reconsider

When we wake up one morning and take a good look in the mirror we may see someone else looking back at us. Although familiar in appearance, someone we know, there is something wrong.
Time has not been good as it has attacked our very person, played havoc with our well being and run amok amid the bones and sinew.
We take a few moments of time and consider what had happened over the past few years. All that food, the stuff we are always told to keep our distance from yet cannot seem to; call our name as we pass them on the supermarket shelves. Cake calls our name, alcohol whispers in our ear, ready cooked chicken pecks at our hunger. All this and more marks the path that leads us all to the same look in the mirror, the realisation of age. Oh! Woe is me. (And you)
I have heard and not sure of its truth or origin that eating well, (I thought I did that) exercise and living a true and godly existence may even extend one’s life by up to five years.
Then I get to thinking what I could do in five years in my forties and what I can do in five years in my seventies. Yup I am too late; time has passed me by in a blinking of an eye.
But if you are in your forties and are reading this then you may consider using the time now to change your life to an alternative path, one where you really do live for the moment.

If you are in your sixties, do you need to carry on working and if your answer is yes then list down 10 reasons why you must. (Makes very poor reading doesn’t it?)
The simplest of changes to your routine can spark a new beginning making time your friend. Speak to others and find out about them, what do they do, what hobbies have they got. Degzy quote; “an active mind if not accompanied by an active body equals a very clever vegetable.” (Hmm food again)
You know that while I have written this time has passed and I realise it will not come back, however It may have been worthwhile if someone else reading my scrawling takes time to think and make changes to their lives


The land that time forgot, I used to know where it was but? Just shows time can heal.
These are just so that we do not forget that there was a spring this year?

Except sock monkey of course who was born of my grandson Taliesin's old socks

stitching the textured surface

Now the long awaited book is here and people are able to see the true skills of the two authors, Carol McFee and Lynda Monk. So beautifully set out with clear and concise instructions.


Debbi Baker, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

"Look what came in the mail today!! I just love a wonderful mixed media book and this one is superb - stunning photography of the samples and such a good balance between close-ups and longer distance shots. It is has just recently been released and is written by the extremely talented duo Lynda Monk and Carol McFee - (in the unlikely event that anyone reading my blog isn't already aware of them!!)."

Stitching the textured surface

Link to the forthcoming book by Lynda Monk & Carol McFee where you can pre order and have the authors sign your copy
Another Degzoid from Degzy

Has anyone studied an ant colony? The communication and work ethic of an ant is undoubtedly staggering.

Yet we do not need nor want to mirror this behaviour choosing instead to look inward and worry how things effect us.
Consider the time wasted in worrying what will happen tomorrow.
Today, here and now is most important. Plan by all means but allow for change.

Time to work

Yes it's that time again, back to work and now to look forward to the summer. But we cannot count on the weather in this country as just as soon as you think you will go for a walk, the heavens open.

I feel so sorry for the outside events that we try to put on in this country, so many end up in the mud.

Time for Easter


Has anyone ever gone to the site and had a look at the world clock?
Something strange seems to go on when you attempt to set your own timepiece in line with the displayed time. Then refresh the page and low and behold, yes low, the time on your watch is now incorrect?????


Who decides what time is? How can we consider the passing of time without direct reference to an occurrence of some description? Remember the time when the whole of the Yellowstone National Park was aflame, trees in their thousands destroyed. Such a pity and yet what do you think can heal the scars of the earth?
You got it, Time


Woke up this morning and thought to myself ah, time to get up. Made breakfast of the usual cornflakes and decided there was time to get dressed and get out of the house and enjoy the early morning sunlight.
Had to get back home in time for the TV show I am following though.

What is time? Can we make it? Can we save it? Can we use it to think? When we look back was there time to consider? The time it took to compile this, was it wasted? Some may say yes, others will be able to consider a more enlightened path. Join me in the quest for the answers of time.
Can't stop, no time??


Let's say whatever I do has no impact on the future what so ever. Can this statement be true?
If I speak to another and pass on to them a theory, this made or constructed by me from information collected from others over a period of time.
Therefore others thoughts, theories combined are already formed before I exist. I am merely an instrument to pass on the same or modified ideas and rules.
Therefore we are all important in some way to form the future of time itself.


prison term: the period of time a prisoner is imprisoned; "he served a prison term of 15 months"; "his sentence was 5 to 10 years"; "he is doing time in the county jail" What a waste of time one might say

Frightened fat

Frightened fat
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Looking into the frying pan and to my surprise I could see the frightened fat before they got melted??
Just look at their little faces