Can anyone put a caption to this picture? Think about it and ensure your true opinion is posted.

Bicycle rack is discounted by default! So too is ‘My boss wears a brown suit.’… Think about society perhaps? Maybe where you work.


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Too Cool To Chill

When does it become, ‘to cool to chill’ in one’s life era? When is it a bit of a burden to be associated with your parents, at a digital level anyhow?
As time goes by and parents lurch towards that small light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, we as children listen to what they say but take this as mumblings which ‘does not compute.’ Time does this and there are different overlaps for us all.

We as moms and dads look upon our children as information sponges and while they are young they will enthuse and hang on every word we have to say. Then as time passes there is an overlap in knowledge for them that will surpass our own understanding of life and everything and our offspring run off into the future with it. Leaving us to comment,” I don’t really understand that.”

Some would argue that that is the norm since time immemorial and children must always surpass us otherwise there may be period of non development. Change becomes an ugly word, we all dress the same, have the same computer, watch the same programmes? Hey wait a minute; I am not going to stand for it! I am over here!

It does often take a change to make a change and for this we need a change agent so rather than keeping quiet and wait for the drop off point I have decided to speak up, make a mark, shout out to whoever will listen. I would rather be remembered as someone who had a crazy idea than be quickly forgotten as someone who made up a number!

So for all you people out there waiting for something to happen I say this, “Get off your backside and make your own change.”