Cosy Glow

Again taken in the dark and don't you just love the cosy glow?


This is a white Christmas tree close showing bauble

The Long Arm of the Law

Yup he will take your details and you will pay the penalty.
Hey do not speed

Rear view

Just thought this was actually taken in Montreal Canada sorry for the confusion

Another oldie

Taken in Boston central USA.
Thought I would see how many like old cars?


Fancy a nice cooked meal on the ocean waves?
Yup still on the destroyer

Communications centre

Still onboard everyone?
This is the control centre and everything is as it was when in commission.

Destroyer USA Navy

This was taken this year in Boston MA USA. Destroyer open for the public to brouse about on.
Will post other pics in the range

Llandudno sea breaking

Another shot of a wave breaking on a beach.
I never really get tired of seeing them though, do you?

Grid Iron

texture rusty grid

Christmas Day

Waking up and looking around
New things strewn upon the ground
I made a wish, or was it two
I never dreamed they could come true
But what's this, hankies, socks and shoes?
I made a wish, or was it three!
Doesn't anybody care about me?

Wait smell that turkey, stuffing and spuds
Look at the fruit and puddings so good
Those wishes I made, four or five
You know it's really good to be alive

But where are the lost and lonely people?
Can they hear the prayers mist local steeple
Those wishes I made, six or seven
Can it be I'm somewhere in heaven?

Composite Boy

Ever had one of those days where nothing goes the way that you planned it? Your teeth hurt, your eyes hurt and then you get hurled up before the beak?
(More from Jay's portfolio)


Do ya know what it is yet?


Everyone has seen this growing on rocks and stuff. Haven't they?

The world as I see it?

Yes folks I have just created the world and it's a new world.
You are all invited to join me in this fantastic place?

Lightening tree

One of many trees that must take the wrath of mother nature. How often you can see this, just being in the wrong place at the wrong time?
Or do you think it is inevitable that this tree would indeed suffer this fate, it was something that must be?
Life is like that you know, if something is going to happen then there is not a damm thing we can do about it. Avoid the obvious pitfalls and walk straight. Could'nt advocate tall as this tree made that mistake??
Not too happy with this picture, looks ok on my computer?


One of the most famous native Americans 'Geronimo' This is photograph that I took with a 35mm camera and you can, when enlarged pick out the truck just to the side of the face.
In the gap underneath is a digger.
There are trips to be up close and personal and I believe that you can get hundreds of people along the proposed outstretched arm.
The horses head painted into the rock formation gives a further indication of the size of the undertaking.
You know since 1998 it looks no different??

Crazy Horse Memorial, the world’s largest sculpture, now in progress, is located in the Black Hills of South Dakota on US Highway 16/385 just 17 miles southwest of Mount Rushmore. The work was begun in 1948 by sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski at the request of Native Americans. Korczak died in 1982. His wife, Ruth, and their family continue the project working with the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation.

The Memorial includes the Indian Museum of North America, the Native American Cultural Center which was dedicated at the 1996 Native American Day celebration, the sculptor’s studio, as well as a new 40,000-square-foot Orientation Center and theaters opened in May 2000. Many Native American artists and crafts people create their artwork and visit with guests at the Memorial during the summer season.

Acid Rain storyboard

It's not as if we didn't really expect something like this to happen. You know like it was so strange or futuristic. I do remember the rain was very steady that day, we all thought it would never end and that strange smell? It was as if someone had smashed an old car battery.
During the night we stood outside and gazed in amazement at the strange neon glow that surrounded the trees. Was this the end?
The following day everyone got up really early to see what would happen next. Now every tree took on a metallic appearance. This may have been a work of art if it weren't so sad.
Who would have thought that the answer could have been so simple? Yes, cover the trees in plastic film.
Problem solved!

Holly Leaf

Holly leaf

Acid Rain

I have called this one Acid Rain for obvious reasons and there is poetry of sorts to go with it. Do ya wanna hear it? Do ya?

Let me hear you say yes!

Painted Silk

I have photographed some of Carol's work for use as backgrounds.
This is a small section of one her pieces, 'Painted Silk'

Interesting doorway?

This was taken in old town Albuquerque. New Mexico
I think it was an opening to a business?

Holy Moon Phase

Another leaf and another greeting to my readers

Well Merry Christmas

Just like to send a Christmas good wish to all my readers.
The leaf is of course a holly leaf that became skeltonised and I could not resist using it in a photograph. By the way I did scan the leaf in as I did not have the benefit of digital then

My rainbow

This was taken just last week from my window. It does look a little ziggy zaggy but when you click on it it does become a whole lot better

Dusk Rainbow

Dusk and somewhere just over there? Your dreams just out of reach

Lamp lit tree

This is a photograph that Jason took last year right outside of the house. The light source is a street lamp that made the tree look very eerie?
Digital camera Canon 350D

Seacow artwork

This is a sample of the work that Jason did for the Seacow restaurant in London UK. One of a set of three 'Tryptich'

What a talent! International Artist

See the link on this blog

Top of the world

That's me on the top of the mountain in Monument Valley?

I can see the pub from here!

Ya gotta love it

This sunset is one that I love, pinks, subtle greys, reds and orange.
Make a good painting

River view

This was a very cold day in a small village called Llanfairtalhearn in North Wales. UK
Although not in this picture and just out of sight were ducks and stuff just swimmin around completely ignoring me?

How did he get in there?

You can just make out the monkey in the grid?
Other images in the grid are backgrounds

This Art exhibit is Spraycan

Sometimes you just got to admire the skill of the spraycan artist known as 'System' Wow

A metal Horse

Hey what do you think of this metal horse made from well basically, junk.
Photographed in Arizona, I think

Killkenny Castle

And this is the view from the door accross the courtyard

Killkenny Castle

This doorway was shot in the grounds of the castle. Southern Ireland.
My trips and the corresponding pics are all out of order but you know what. I decide.

Top half of the fallen hero

You can't see from this angle but all of the top of the tree was spread out in a fan shape

Fallen hero

This tree was blown over by a freak storm and I can tell you that the base measured almost three foot across

Arizona USA

I did actually take this photograph in the USA but as you can see I have had a little play with it in photoshop.

Of course the sun cannot be that big?
But everything else is as I saw it. Posted by Picasa

Southern Ireland

The famous Fitsgerald bar where I sat down for a cool glass of beer. Ahh!
Do you remember the series on the TV set in village called Ballykissangel?? Posted by Picasa

Big wave on

Another day on the beach at Llandudno Posted by Picasa

Wedding bells?

These guys were assembling this for one of their mates who would be taking his vows later that week.

This is what I came across at the end of the long boardwalk, Cape Cod USA September 06 Posted by Picasa


Now who would live in a house like this? Posted by Picasa

Notre Dame

Told you I was right at the side of the building.
Interesting perspective would'nt you say? Posted by Picasa

Just down from Notre Dame, Montreal, Canada 06

After leaving the Notre Dame I was amazed to see, just down the road, right up on the roof top Grafitti.
I was standing on the steps I tell ya! Posted by Picasa