Top of the world

That's me on the top of the mountain in Monument Valley?

I can see the pub from here!

Ya gotta love it

This sunset is one that I love, pinks, subtle greys, reds and orange.
Make a good painting

River view

This was a very cold day in a small village called Llanfairtalhearn in North Wales. UK
Although not in this picture and just out of sight were ducks and stuff just swimmin around completely ignoring me?

How did he get in there?

You can just make out the monkey in the grid?
Other images in the grid are backgrounds

This Art exhibit is Spraycan

Sometimes you just got to admire the skill of the spraycan artist known as 'System' Wow

A metal Horse

Hey what do you think of this metal horse made from well basically, junk.
Photographed in Arizona, I think

Killkenny Castle

And this is the view from the door accross the courtyard

Killkenny Castle

This doorway was shot in the grounds of the castle. Southern Ireland.
My trips and the corresponding pics are all out of order but you know what. I decide.

Top half of the fallen hero

You can't see from this angle but all of the top of the tree was spread out in a fan shape

Fallen hero

This tree was blown over by a freak storm and I can tell you that the base measured almost three foot across