January Feb 2007

January Feb 2007
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The beginning of time for 2007
by Derek McFee

If we were to contemplate time and how it is tracked we may consider using a scratch on a wall, a favourite for prison inmates in a far off land I’m told. Traditionally of course this would always take the form of a vertical scratch indicating a day has passed followed by another series of five before scratching a diagonal to complete one week. So simple and easy to do, no training necessary as it comes so natural. Hey anybody could do it.

This one week group signifies that a week in your life has now been lost forever never to be repeated, unless you believe in reincarnation of course in which case you may just want to do something completely different the second time around. For our purposes let’s stick to this life.

When we have marked the completion of the second week will they form any significant memory and if so for whom? How long will this memory last and how long will it last if it only belongs to you? Just what did you do two weeks ago that makes it a memory? If your recollection is nil was that a wasted week in your life?

What is time?
How do you perceive it?
At what point did you realise that time was important, were you young or old?
Time is limited – We all get the same amount, or do we?
Time management – Oh yes it does like to be managed
Time is scarce – The lack of it can be used as blame when plans have gone wrong.
Free time – Sounds great but is there anything free in this life, after all if there is no such thing as a free lunch why should we expect time to be free? When you relax in free time this is just another erosion of life itself isn’t it? But when we talk of free time it sounds so very nice.
Going down the pub, why not I do have some free time you know.
I made these pictures in my free time. You lucky thing you

Why waste time looking backwards?
Why waste time contemplating what may have been?
Why not be positive right now and change your life and realise your own potential?
Be positive in your actions and you will see that time may just look after you

Time to talk
Time to listen
Time to live
Time for a coffee
Time to sleep
Time to go

How much can you remember for the month of January 2007? New Year’s Day perhaps, kids back to school? 1st day back to work? Not very well perhaps? A great party?
Or just maybe it was the time that you started to look forward and concentrate on today and tomorrow?
Time waits for no man

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