Rock, Paper, Scissors

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Coughdrop said...

rộck. N. Solid part of earth’s crust underlying soil: sure foundation or protection: mass of rock projecting and forming a hill, cliff, etc., or standing up into or out of the water from bottom.

pâper n., a., & v.1. N. substance used for writing on etc., wrapping up parcels, etc., made of compactly interlaced fibres of rags, straw, wood, etc., in thin sheet, (commit to ~, write down;on ~, In theory,judging from statistics, etc.

sci’ssors (-zerz) n. pl.(pair of) ~, cutting - instrument made of two blades so pivoted that their cutting edges close on what is to be cut (I want a pair of), some, scissors: ~ and paste, compiling of book etc.

How life can mirror this simple game of rock, paper, scissors. We think of building a rock solid foundation that’s sure to last? Yet the simplest of problems can create a rift.
But we can cover up this so that for all intense and purposes nothing seems wrong.
Then along come the sharp blades to expose the hidden rift.
So what do we do for the best?
Rely on good advice? Talk it through? Have support from family and friends?
Whatever the answer is always be true to yourself.